Real estate affairs

  • Property research, inquiry into its status in cadaster and land registry
  • Legal advice and drawing up acquisition agreement/mortgage loan against property agreement
  • Legal advice and representation for registration of property rights with the Land Registry
  • Legal advice, drawing up and analyzing the building contract
  • Representation in disputes concerning real estate/real property rights

Property law

  • Transfer of ownership
  • Drawing up a contract of sale, lease and rental of real estate
  • Drawing up a contract for the design and construction
  • Drawing up real estate investment contract
  • Land registry procedures
  • Representation in the ownership and other property legal disputes


  • Legal advice in the process of negotiation and conclusion of legal affairs
  • Drawing up contract of gift, purchase and sale contract, contract for support until death or lifelong care, contract on the division of marital property, contract on the property division, lease agreement, rental agreement, etc.
  • Contract analysis
  • Participation/representation in negotiations for conclusion of legal transactions

Administrative law

  • Representation in administrative proceedings (legalization, Building permit, Ability permit, locality information)
  • Representation in administrative disputes
  • Representation in the process of issuing location and building permit
  • Drawing up the administrative complaints and representation in administrative disputes
  • Representation in expropriation proceedings
  • Representation in the property restitution proceedings

Inheritance law

  • Drawing up wills
  • Drawing up hereditary contracts
  • Representation of heirs in inheritance proceedings

Maritime law

  • Registration of yachts in the Croatian Register of Shipping and with the relevant Harbormasters' office
  • Registration of boats with the relevant Harbormasters' office
  • Legal advice when signing the agreement for the sale of vessel and the preparation of that agreement, and the agreement establishing a mortgage on the vessel
  • Compensation for material and non-material damages
  • Legal advice for charter companies and marina concessionaires

Intellectual property protection

  • Legal advice
  • Drawing up copyright contracts
  • Representation in copyright disputes
  • Searching trademarks and patents
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Monitoring and renewing the validity of trademark and patent licenses
  • Registration of domain names
  • Representation in proceedings for the enforcement of intellectual property rights

Constitutional law

  • Filing constitutional complaints
  • Filing proposals for review of the constitutionality of law and other regulations

Proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights

  • Filing petitions (claims) to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg because of the violation of the European Convention on Human Rights

Company law

  • Selection of the most appropriate type of company
  • Preparation of all constitutive documents necessary to establish a company
  • Regulation of the relationship between shareholders and/or company members
  • Preparation of necessary internal company regulations
  • Drawing up statutory documents for the establishment of company
  • Representation in the proceedings for company registration in court registers
  • Legal advice and preparation of documents in procedures for the change of company status
  • Preparation of general assembly
  • Preparation of regulations for the management board, supervisory board, the corporate rules, etc.
  • Preparation of documents in proceedings for the reduction and increase of capital stock of a company
  • Representation in the commercial disputes

Takeovers, mergers and aquisition

  • Preparation of documents for company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions
  • In-depth review of legal documents (legal duediligence)
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Preparation of mandatory takeover bids
  • Conducting negotiations and drafting transaction agreements
  • Drawing up the plan of company division
  • Conducting legal due diligence

Representation in litigations and dispute resolution

  • Commercial disputes
  • Disputes on property rights to real estate
  • Disputes about the execution of mandatory legal contracts
  • Probate proceedings

Debt collection

  • Legal advice on securing debt collection
  • Checking the solvency of the debtor
  • Drawing up payment security instruments
  • Representation in debt collection proceedings

Representation the enforcement procedures, insurance

  • Judicial and non-judicial enforcement procedures
  • Proceedings to ensure collection of receivables through temporary and preliminary injunctions
  • Liquidating mortgage and fiduciary

Environmental law

  • Legal advice and legislative monitoring
  • Representation in proceedings before the competent authorities

Family law

  • Legal counseling and prevention of marital disputes
  • Drawing up marriage contracts
  • Drawing up contracts/agreements on the division of marital property
  • Representation in marital disputes/disputes on spousal support/maintenance
  • Representation in the disputes regarding person's status in the field of family law